You can download the latest version of GROUPUS from our website.
GROUPUS understands your requirements and delivers what suits you in every condition. • Low-bandwidth situations • Any mobile devices • Laptops or PCs Download GROUPUS and Ping a meeting.
If you are only joining the meeting as a participant, GROUPUS account is not required. GROUPUS account is required if; • The host restricts that only participants with an account (profile) can join the meeting for the authentication purpose. • You want to host a meeting and send invitations to participants. GROUPUS account allows you to create or schedule your meeting. GROUPUS account also allows you to access your settings like updating your profile or plan.
You can sign up for free using
The basic features of GROUPUS are free.
Download Groupus and Ping a meeting for application users. For web users – You can join a meeting by clicking the meeting link provided by the host. You can join the meeting by the following method. • Visit our website • Click on ping a meeting • Enterthe meeting ID.
You will be asked to use your computer/device audio and video when you attend a meeting on the GROUPUS. After your permission, your computer/device audio and video will be connected automatically. You can add audio or video devices using our settings as well.
Yes, you can use a Bluetooth device if it is compatible with your computer or mobile device.
No, it is not mandatory. You can join the meeting using the audio-only option. With this feature, you can speak and listen to other participants during the meeting, view the webcam video of other participantsand share your screen. Yes, you require a webcam (external or internal) if you want other participants to see the video of yourself.
For application users - Download Groupus and Host a meeting. Select any date and time according to your suitability. For web users –You can host a meeting by following method. • Visit our website • Click on Host a meeting • Select the date and time. You require a GROUPUS account to schedule a meeting.
You can simply copy the meeting URL and send it to the participants using the email. Use can use other ways to invite others to join your meeting.
You can use the Share button and select the screen you want to share
GROUPUS meeting host can record the meeting on his/her local device. The host can also allow other participants to record the meeting on their computers/devices.
Meeting recordings are saved to the Documents folder of your local computer by default. You can also select any specific folder to save your meeting recordings.
You can reset your password by using the ‘Forgot Password’ feature at the login page.

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