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Experience customised video conferencing and real-time messaging with Groupus pro. Modern meeting capabilities and up-to-date security features enable quick and hassle-free conversation. It’s easy to start and join from any device. Learn more….

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Innovative technology and easy methodology make it truly simple to schedule, start or join a meeting on GROUPUS. Our flawless video calling feature across projector, desktop, laptop or mobile gives you an amazing meeting experience. Here is WHAT MAKES GROUPUS BETTER.

Fast. Easy. Trusted

Wherever you are - GROUPUS connects you securely. Now experience fast and easy video conferencing for the digital workplace. This tool is equipped with hi-tech security and customised features that let you enjoy the hassle-free video conferencing.

Real-time Intelligence

GROUPUS quickly adopts your meeting requirements and can be collaborated across any device for audio, video and messaging. It simply adds effectiveness in your meeting management with live meeting controls, analytics and automated alerts. Advanced encryption technology protects your information from any breach.

Unparalleled Interoperability

GROUPUS provides users with one-touch access to meetings regardless of the device, browser, meeting platform or room system used. It makes your meeting amazing with HD video and audio calling features and allows adding virtual background for various appearances.

Seamless Integration

Improve productivity with meeting highlights and transcription and simplify management with live meeting controls, analytics and automated alerts.

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